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GamesAway is an innovative social media gaming platform that offers users access to tens of thousands of games for free. Users can quickly view gameplay videos, experience games without downloading them to their phones, and save or share their favorite games on their personal pages within the app. With a simple scroll-down mechanic, similar to popular social media apps, users can effortlessly discover and engage with a wide variety of games, making the game discovery process fast and enjoyable.

For developers, GamesAway provides a unique opportunity to test their games directly with a player base, gaining access to key metrics such as CPI, retention, and playtime. Developers can also access detailed information about the players experiencing their games, including their preferred genres and similar games they play. This invaluable data helps developers refine and enhance their games, making GamesAway the ideal tool for game development and testing.

GamesAway stands out as the perfect platform for game testing because its user base consists solely of players. By combining user and developer data, GamesAway ensures that the right games reach the right audience, providing accurate insights and fostering a supportive environment for both players and developers. This makes GamesAway an indispensable application for the gaming industry, bringing together players and developers in a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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